Amazing new book reveals…

How to Crack the Financial Code of Your Business for Explosive Growth and Profitability!


The easiest way for you to turn your business into a cash machine – allowing you to have more time, live a life with less stress, and build true business wealth!


Dear Friend,

If you are interested getting everything you want in life, in having the freedom, cash, and time to enjoy all that is important and fun in your life, all by implementing a few simple principles to your business, then this message is for you!

Here’s why:
There is an amazing new book called, Cracking the Financial Code. It’s written by my friend Dan Lacy who started consulting small businesses over 27 years ago. During that time he has helped create 19 bona fide millionaire business owners.

How did he do it? A simple formula that, as he says, you can easily learn and apply to your business that will help you get everything you want in life…freedom, control, cash, stress relief, and wealth.

This book is amazing. Here’s a small sample of what it reveals:

  • How one company lost $846,000 in just 36 months, make sure your not doing the same things this company did
  • The 9 most commonly recognized business problems and what you can do to solve them
  • The three primary functions of business ownership and how they impact your bottom line
  • How cracking the code can make you big money
  • How managing your business from your checkbook can bankrupt you
  • Understanding the two simplest tools that can make you the most money and how to put them into action within 30 days
  • Figuring out where your cash is hiding and get it to work for you
  • Where your money is really made and how to make more of it
  • How to solve the year-end profit problem
  • How to consistently use the two simple tools from now until you retire or sell
  • Maximize your company’s financial leverage for growth and independence
  • Discover the 11 tools that will skyrocket the performance of your business
  • And much, much, more!

Pretty amazing, don’t you agree? But don’t take my word for it. Listen to the success stories of real people who’ve read and applied the secrets revealed in Cracking the Financial Code:

Cracking the Financial Code removed both the mystery of financial statements and my excuses for not diligently using them.  This is a must-read for any business owner wanting to make informed business decisions.”
–Jonathan A., President, Indianapolis, IN

“In Cracking the Financial Code, Dan has taken difficult financial concepts and made them easy to understand.  This is a "must read" for business owners who want to grow their business.”
–Kirk K., Senior Vice President, Bank, Anderson, IN

"This is a valuable tool for every business leader, especially for those who want a clear understanding of their financial progress.  Use of this information could easily make the difference between success and failure of a business. Very understandable, very useable, very well done."
–Jerry W., COO, Mobile, AL

Cracking the Financial Code is the best “filter” I have seen for figuring out what your financial business information is telling you and then giving the management problems you are probably seeing in your company.  In world that throws blizzard storm information at business managers every day, “Crack the Code” provides the compass.”
–Tony S., Founder, Carmel, IN

Cracking the Financial Code is a terrific reference source for growing companies to make sure their financial focus is sound.   It is the “how to” book for properly designing, understanding and managing the financial side of any business.”
–Terry P., President, Anderson, IN

Cracking the Financial Code is a “must read” for anyone growing a business”.
–Fred W., President, Indianapolis, IN

“I really like “Cracking the Financial Code,” it is a great resource for any business and just great sound advice.”
–Carol V., CFO, Anderson, IN

 “Cracking the Financial Code is a very user friendly approach to understanding the important numbers for any business.”
–Denise P., President, Noblesville, IN

That’s just a few of the 100’s of testimonials from satisfied readers of Cracking the Financial Code. However, Dan doesn’t expect you to believe them, either. He wants you to try the book out for yourself, risk-free for a full 60 days.

Here’s the deal:

The price of the book is $17.95 ($14.95 + $3 shipping and handling). Order a copy of the book completely at the publisher’s risk. Read it and try out the principles of Cracking the Financial Code for a full 60 days. And, if you are not satisfied for any reason or no reason at all…return the book and you’ll receive a full and fast refund (including S&H). No questions asked. No hassles.

It’s Easy to Order

For Fast Service: Have your credit card ready and call: 1-765-644-8887.

For Faster Service: Click here to order securely online.

WARNING: Supplies of the book are extremely limited. The publisher has nearly sold out of the first printing and may not print another edition until next year. If your order comes in after the last book is sold…your order will be returned, unfulfilled. Order now!


Lloyd Easters

P.S. If you order in the next 11 days, the publisher has agreed to include a surprise free bonus gift with your book. This gift will make the book at least 10 times more valuable to you. But, you must order right away to ensure you’ll receive it.

P.P.S. You won’t believe what you’ll get as a bonus: the Six Secrets to Building a Better Business, 7 Steps to Explosive Profitability, Business Performance Self Assessment, the Three Critical Elements to Effective Marketing, and so much more! Order now before the books are gone.



Cracking the Financial Code

$ 17.95 USD

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